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Audio y video 

By Molemedia

Native Ad display is a safe and delicate way to instert your creatives looking exactly the same as the rest of the website's content.

Native Motion displat is a way to insert your video ad and get a dynamic and great looking motion ad, the video will only play when user is scrolling in Ad position.

Get better acceptance and conversion.

Mobile users get a better experience with native high impact.

Mole Native Ad will blend creatives with the look and feel of each app or website, providing high quality engagement.

Optimal use for your CPI campaigns and User Acquisition, getting your organic installs with a brand new and effective format.


Native advertising is a innovating format that will allow you to run your campaign ads matching the look and feel of each site (Desktop or mobile).

Mole Media has entirely developed this product to provide maximum reach to specific audiences, GEOs and categories, resulting in increased branding engagement.

Our team of experts, through media-buying capabilities offers display, mobile and video solutions for native advertising campaigns.

This method uses programmatic buying which allows us to optimize each campaign according the client's goals.

Native is here!
Get on board!

Design, development and campaign delivery will be handled by Mole Media's team.

Reports will be available to you accessing our own dashboard. In which you will be able to follow-up performance, monetization and detailed information of campaign evolution.

Get in touch!

Contact our Audio Advertising department today and start a new, innovative and effective advertising experience.

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